A Little Bit of Life

I apologize for the lull in blogging the past few weeks, life has taken over! The kids are off and settled at school. Rhys continued on to grade 2 this year and Amelia started Kindergarten. I can’t believe that both of my kids are of the age where they are away a school during the week. Where’d all those years go? It seems like just yesterday that Amelia was crawling around chewing on Rhys’ toys and Rhys was obsessed with ‘worker-men’ and tractors. Now they both have their very own big-kid rooms where they hook-up their school bags after they come home, sit and read, build robots out of Lego and play dress-up with dolls (without my help). Gone are the days of sleepy cuddles and board books. Our conversations have begun to take a more ‘mature’ route on topics like school-yard games, friends, math class, careers, hobbies and computer class. Back-to-school was quickly followed by Rhys turning 7, which just compounded my astonishment over how big my children have gotten. Maybe it’s a good thing that there’s another one on the way? Maybe I’m just not ready to be out of the baby/toddler stage quite yet.

Rhys starting grade 2

Ammie starting Kindergarten

Rhys on his 7th birthday


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