I was struck a few days ago by the speed at which this pregnancy is progressing. Not that it’s actually going any fast than any of my other ones, or anyone else’s for that matter, but I suppose that lately my days and weeks are zipping by at an alarming rate.

In the beginning it seemed to be dragging on. I’m sure that having my head stuck in the toilet, dealing with extreme fatigue and battling hormone headaches all added to the snail crawl that each day ended-up being. When people would ask where I was at they’d exclaim, “Wow, that’s just flying by” to which I’d usually reply, “For you!”

But summer has proven to be somewhat hectic and busy and, in gearing-up for the up-and-coming school year, time has gotten away on me. I’m now into the fortnightly midwife appointments which, when my she told me she’d see me in two weeks time I just about lost it. To me it always feels like seeing your care provider every other week is serious business; closer monitoring of size and heartbeat, talking about expectations of labor, feeling for the position of the baby to see if they’re breech or head-down. All of it starts to pick-up as you and your midwife/OB anticipate the delivery.

I was looking at the calendar recently (planning out the next few months) when I realized that I only have 8 more weeks until our baby is considered ‘full term’. Even though that’s a few weeks before my due date, baby can come any time after that. 8 WEEKS!! Sheesh. I knew I was getting close with how much I’m waddling these days, but that took me by surprise. There is still so much to do and get, it’s hard to not start hyperventilating when I look at my fall calendar and then look at my list of things that need to be done.

With that said, James and I were all nestled-up on the couch last night and even with all of the gun-shooting, car-chasing, fist-swinging action of the Jason Statham movie we were watching I couldn’t help but let my mind wander to how close we are holding and cuddling our little Perogy. I can’t wait to put a cozy sleeper on him/her and have the five of us settle in for a popcorn movie night or tuck him/her into a carrier and make my daily (3 times a day!) walks to the bus stop to get the kids from school, or finally finding out if it’s a him or her!

Time flies by at light-speed when kids are in school, so I’m anticipating that Perogy will be here in the blink of an eye…which makes me think that I better get off the computer and start working on my list!


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