I feel a little bit lost.

I’ve started to have really strong nesting urges but can’t seem to do much about it. Our house is still in shambles (slowly being pieced back together), which makes it difficult to organize and clean properly. Actually, if I stop and think about it, it’s overwhelming. The kids are still sharing their old room, but the beds aren’t put together because I can’t for the life of me find the hardware, so they’re on a mattress and the floor. Our furniture is still all over the house, not really in the places it should be. The basement is stacked sky-high in the corners with boxes and bins that need to be sorted. Our storage room needs some things taken out of it so that I can pack some bins into it.

So the progression of cleaning, a list that I’ve made-up in my head, goes something like this:

Move items out of storage room and to the dump pile in our backyard or thrift store. Move packed bins into the storage room making room in the living area of the basement. Move-out/sort all of the junk in our office (Rhys’ new room)…this is a big job. Paint wall in room. Move bed (get new hardware) into basement room along with a few bookshelves and desk, making space in the dining room, basement and Amelia’s room. Set-up bed in Amelia’s room now that there is space (and hardware) to do so. Decorate Amelia’s and Rhys’ room’s as promised. Set-up living room now that there is space. Get rid of extra coffee table which is taking-up way too much space in dining room. Set-up dining room. THEN, after all of that, bring-up crib and work on the nursery.

That still doesn’t take care of the disaster that is the main part of the basement, but I’ll have to putter at that for the next few months.

I’ve been able to purchase/borrow a number of items that we’ll need for the baby for the first little while; sleepers, onesies, slippers, crib sheets. It’s the only nesting that I’ve been able to do. I’m happy about having a few things ready to go, but I’m still feeling rather lost. What if the baby comes early? What if I don’t have the energy to do these things in two months time? I’m frustrated that I have to wait for James to move things around for me, that I can’t just do it myself. I’ve tried and I can tell by the braxton hicks that I start getting halfway through moving furniture and heavy boxes around that I shouldn’t.

Ugh, patience Bria, patience. The baby doesn’t care if it’s sleeping in a basket for the first 3 months and that the nursery hasn’t been pieced together…


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