Ooh-La-La Bonne Anniversaire Ammie!

What a great day we had at our Fancy Nancy Tea Party Birthday! The weather was just perfect and everything seemed to come together just splendidly.  I had a lot of fun putting this party together and decided to go-out with a bang since James and I have had the rule that the kids could have big birthdays until they’re 5 and then much smaller one’s from then-on (although I suppose now that we have another child on the way we’ll be starting all over!).

This theme was ridiculously easy to put together considering I just had to look around my own living space (and some of my mom’s) and pull from our own decorating. The menu was also a no-brainer. What do you serve at a tea party? Well, you serve pink lemonade,  (iced) tea, cucumber sandwiches, pretty jelly-roll pinwheels, imperial cookies and pink cupcakes (and various other pink treats like jellybeans, cotton candy and pink candy corn)!

Here is a glimpse of what the party looked like:

We had a table set-up for the tea. My mother-in-law let us use Ammie’s great-grandmothers tea set. You should have seen Ammie’s reactions while the two of use were un-packing these, her eyes just kept getting bigger and bigger…everything was so pretty! The fun part about this was allowing everyone to choose their favourite pattern.

I didn’t snap a good picture of it, but I had a little kids table set-up to do all of the hair, make-up and nails, which was a huge hit. What little girl doesn’t want to sit and get all decorated!?

I had a little Fancy Nancy reading corner set-up in the back corner of the yard (in the shade). Amelia brought her two favourite stuffed animals, Princess Cupcake and Jo-Jo, who were also dressed-up.

Then we had the food table (the most important part of a party, if you ask me). I have a frame that I recently painted ‘Cherry Blossom Pink’ that will be going in Amelia’s room that I thought would look nice hung above the table.

I also had a chandelier that I hung-up over the other side of the table and a pretty frame with a picture of Amelia in it. Before getting to my mom’s house I stopped at Safeway and picked-up a bunch of flowers, all in pinks, whites and purples. You have to have flowers at a tea party!

My friend Candice made a b-e-a-utiful sign for the occasion. I knew that I wouldn’t have time and all of my craft supplies available to make it myself, so I outsourced the job. I’m so happy that I did because she went above and beyond what I would have done. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Fancy Nancy books, she used the same fonts and letters that are on the covers of the books!

Thanks Candice!

And here are all of the lovely ladies wearing their crowns, jewellery, make-up and boas! What a fancy bunch.

As Amelia was getting tucked into bed last night, wearing her new Fancy Nancy pj’s, I asked her what her favourite part of the fun-filled day was, she replied, “That all of my friends were there!” I couldn’t agree more. You can make everything as posh and dainty and fancy as you want, but it’s not going to be any fun unless you add friends and family!


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