18 more days.

18 more days.

Here are some things that I am looking forward to:

1) Recycling again. The apartment where we are living doesn’t have a recycling bin or pick-up, which is just silly considering the city provides this service. My soul dies a little every time I throw a recyclable item into a garbage bag.

2) Composting again. I had thought about keeping all of my scraps in a bucket and just doing a run to our house once-in-awhile to dump everything into the compost bin I have there. I quickly realized this wasn’t going to be sustainable for me.

3) Having my washer and dryer all to myself. I’m going to enjoy not having to stockpile loonies in order to get only a few loads of laundry done.

4) Using my dishwasher. This speaks for itself.

5) Putting fun bedrooms together for the kids. This is my summer project. Rhys wants a Star Wars room and Amelia wants a Hello Kitty room. Baby wants a…haven’t quite decided what to do with the nursery side of Amelia’s room yet.  I want to keep their themes going while still making the rooms somewhat stylish and crafty.

6) Cooking and baking. I haven’t been interested in either of these since we moved in to this tiny place. The fridge and oven are apartment sized and it’s seriously difficult to fit a frying pan and a pot onto the elements.

My list is much long than what you see here, but this is just a few off the top of my head.


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June 11, 2012 · 3:55 pm

One response to “18 more days.

  1. jule

    i want a hello kitty room.

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