Happy Kids.

I took the kids to one of those parking-lot fairs over the weekend. I didn’t tell them where we were going until we pulled-up and they could see all the rides. They kept asking if we were really going there, as if I was playing some sick joke on them. I guess James and I had been so broke for the past few years that we never really did anything uber fun and totally frivolous with the kids…or if we did then it was pretty few and far between or paid for by someone else. But things are turning around and we are able to treat our kids to a little bit more these days. Ammie was pretty much vibrating with excitement the whole time. A fair is a silly place to spend a pile of cash. You fork over an arm and a leg and get a handful or rides in return, rides that only last a few moments and they you’re done.  But when you see your kids faces pass for the 10th time as they loop around on a little dragon roller-coaster and they still have the goofiest smile going, and they run up to you yelling, “THAT WAS AWESOME!!” and then they talk about it for hours afterwards, it makes it all worth-while. Actually, it makes everything worth-while.

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