Going Home.

What a funny (read: insanely stressful) past few months these have been. First we have this brilliant idea that we should take a resident managing position and rent out our house to make a bit extra for a few years (which I still feel was a good idea and we made the best decision based on the information we had at the time). Then we act on it and move our family into a tiny apartment. Then James helps his dad sell his house (which really needed to go for reasons I won’t go into/don’t have the space to explain) and we move his dad into our house (which his dad was happy to do). Then we find out we are expecting and realize that yes, the ONE THING that could have gone wrong in our plan actually happened and we, in a month and a half, out-grew the space we had just moved into. But what were we to do? My father-in-law sold his house with the promise he could rent from us.

Well, God answers prayer in big ways and we found a great place for James dad to live and we are going to be moving back into our home. I cannot tell you how happy I am. Since finding out that we are going to be adding another little pooper to our collection I’ve missed my house tremendously. Obviously there are the practical sides to moving back, like the full-sized fridge and stove, the extra fridge and freezers in the basement, my own laundry machines, the room to put another child (Rhys will be getting his very own Star Wars room in the process), the later mornings (since the bus comes and hour earlier for Rhys where we are at right now), the ability to take a screaming baby to a different part of the house to let James sleep during the day, the yard for the kids to play in…my list goes on. Then there is the emotional side; it’s home, this is a huge change and I feel the need to be surrounded by something familiar and comfortable.

James has been working on renovations back at the house for a while. His dad gets possession of his new place in a few weeks and we are moving back home June 30th, so that gives us another month to work on a bunch of projects that we’d never gotten around to. It’s looking really nice in there! Who knew baseboard could make that much of a difference!??!

The space will feel gigantic coming from 660 sq ft, especially since we’ve gotten rid of so much junk in the process. I’m not all that excited to have to pack-up and move all of our stuff again, but it will give me another opportunity to edit our belongings and widdle-down our possessions. It also means that we are going home, and that is something I’m very excited about.



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8 responses to “Going Home.

  1. jule

    aaaaah! i’m so excited. especially after talking with you about this a bunch. woooooooohoo!!

  2. Oh Bria, I’m so happy that it’s all worked out okay. These things always do. I’m super happy…you’ll be close by again…just in time for the pool to open!

  3. Dana

    that’s such great news! i’m so happy it all is working out, and that you get to go home soon!

  4. Cyndi

    Sounds like you’ve learned a lot through this whole process, you’re one brave momma! Praying you have a smooth move home 🙂

  5. I feel like I’ve just been clicking “like” on your posts a lot, so I’m going to actually say something this time… 😛 That’s awesome, and I hope everything goes well moving back!

  6. Hmmm…maybe all of this was to help you fit another one into your life? You kn

    • Goodness, posting from my phone…you know better then I what the Lord has planned for you, but I was just thinking how amazing it was that you had a chance to downsize, sort, prioritize before you found out of your new babe. Kinda neat in a way? I admire how you are handling things.

  7. You can take the Erskines out of North Kildonan, but you’ll never take North Kildonan out of the Erskines.

    If you need some (albeit lanky) arms to move boxes, I’m there.

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