A Little Bit of Life (or Yes Mom).

My children hear ‘no’ a lot. They also frequently hear ‘don’t’ and ‘shhhhh’ and ‘stop’. I used to be much more relaxed when it came to my children and what they did. Not that they were running around chaotic all of the time, quite the opposite. I had things planned for the day for them. We did crafts and activities and played and went on adventures. I feel like I’ve been slipping for quite a while in the area of having fun with my children or facilitating fun and creativity and bonding.

I follow a group of Facebook called ‘Play at Home Mom’. I really enjoy seeing the posts and comments on the things they are doing with their children and how they try to say ‘yes’ a lot. It’s inspired me to work on my mothering and get back to where I used to be.

Yes, you can take the mini-mop and clean the floors with me.

Yes, you can have a handful of fruit loops and be creative with your breakfast.

Yes, we can paint our nails so that they are pretty and matching.

Yes, we can walk to Timmies after school and you can get that huge Jets doughnut.

Yes, you can help me wash the dishes.

Yes, I will sit and colour a beautiful garden with you.

Yes, I will take a picture of you being a goofball with your magnifying glass on the stairs.

Sometimes I forget that my children are dealing with a lot of change as well. They need to have those days that are wins; moments where they see in a very tangible way that mom is on their team, cheering them on or playing right along side them.

On a totally separate note, here is my littlest niece, Coralise, getting eaten by a fish…



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2 responses to “A Little Bit of Life (or Yes Mom).

  1. Mom

    Thanks Bria! Feeling quite down right now so you made me smile.

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