Disturbing Colouring Book.

My mom gave Rhys a colouring/craft book the other day. The book is called Make Your Own Roman Arena and can be bought at Dollarama. At first glance it looked pretty cool. I mean, what boy wouldn’t want to build his own Roman arena and colour some gladiators to cut out and play with?

After Rhys had been meticulously colouring the book for a few hours I happened to walk past while he was taking a break. The book was left open and this is what I saw:

Upon further inspection I found this:

And then this:


Have I taken the book away? Heck no!

It’ll be a good history lesson if he decides to actually read the thing.



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4 responses to “Disturbing Colouring Book.

  1. In awe!!! I will have to search for this one, it’s perfect!!!

  2. Courtney

    Really?!? Wow!

  3. I got those for the kids last year, but didn’t get the Roman one! Wow!

  4. On the bright side, at least you didn’t buy the “Make Your Own Quentin Tarantino Movie” book.

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