Making the Move.

Well, this is the week. We will be in transition for a little while, but Wednesday is our official ‘move-in’ day. I’ve been puttering around, trying to figure-out what we need and what we’ll need to leave behind. Up until this point it’s been all talk, “we’ll pare down, we’ll get rid of things, we’ll live more simply” I’ve told myself. Man, when push comes to shove it’s hard to actually do. When you’re holding the things in your hands trying to decide if that item makes a difference in your life it’s so easy to rationalize keeping it. After going through a whole room you’re only left with a single box to go to the thrift store and a small bag to go to the trash. I’m glad that I’m reading a book about simplicity while going through this transition. It’s helped give me focus and motivation where focus and motivation have been lacking. It’s helped to remind me that this move is much more than a relocation and a money-saving strategy for us…if we let it be. I’ve been repeating that old quote “change is inevitable – growth is optional” to myself over and over. James and I could easily move, get rid of a few belongings and be done with it, without a second thought. Our lives could change and we could stay the same. My hope is that doesn’t happen. My hope is that we use this crazy opportunity to allow ourselves to grow and embrace a more unconventional life.

“…simplicity must first draw the heart, appealing to the soul in some mysterious way; only afterwards will the intellect follow along, filling in the details of how to organize life around this new passion and dreaming up rationals for curious friends. The attraction of simplicity is mysterious because it draws us in a completely opposite direction from where most of the world seems to be going: away from conspicuous display, accumulation, egoism, and public visibility – toward a life more silent, humble, and transparent than anything known to the extroverted culture of consumerism.”

                                    -Mark A. Burch excerpt from Stepping Lightly



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3 responses to “Making the Move.

  1. Best of luck to you – in every way. If you need some more inspiration, here are some of my faves:

    Affluenza – David Wann (and others)
    Your Money or Your Life – Joe Dominguez & Vicki Robin
    The Simple Living Guide – Janet Luhrs

    Take care. 🙂

  2. Sasha and I wish you all the best as you make this transition

  3. Courtney

    Good luck. Are the kids excited?

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