Our Crazy Lives.

2001- Graduated from High School. Moved. Started at the U of W in Theatre.

2002- Went to live in Australia for a while. Moved.

2003- Went to Providence College and got engaged. Moved.

2004- Moved. Got married to my handsome husband, James.

2005- David Rhys was born. James was laid-off (right before Christmas, I might add!).

2006- Moved. James got a job at Providence College. Then we moved again and James worked at our church.

2007- We left our church. Amelia Kate was born. We moved twice.

2008- Started attending FCC.

2009- James was laid-off. James got a new job. James started his application for the WPS.

2010- Went to Haiti. Rhys started school. James was accepted into the WPS.

2011- James started Academy. I started working. Rhys started Grade 1.

2011 was a wonderful year. I don’t think that James and I have had a better year! There were lots of stresses and lots of change, but all-in-all it was a great year. James has never been happier, which makes me happier. I feel like this past year was an amazing time of personal growth for me; I’m much more confident, much more comfortable. I have a better understand of who I am and what I want, of what makes me happy and what I can let go.

Over the years our lives have changed a lot. A lot. We’ve never been very good at leading ‘normal’ hum-drum lives and, it seems, we continually walk a twisting road full of ups and downs and sharp turns. We have many speed bumps but, if I’m honest, there are many peaks where the views are just magnificent.

2012 is shaping up to be another year of change for us. James and I are relocating our family (within the city) into a…wait for it………660 sq ft apartment! Crazy? Yes. Stupid? Well…I guess it would depend who you ask. We’re pretty excited (and slightly nervous) about it. In a nutshell, we are renting-out our house, managing an apartment block and saving bundles and bundles of money for a few years.

I realize it’s going to be a sharp learning curve. I realize it’s going to take a lot of patience and planning and paring down, but I’m up for the challenge. I’m excited by the opportunity to refocus our family and attempt to live our lives in a different way. I will be able to stay home yet bring in an income. The place is very close to church, friends and family (and my favorite bookstore!).

I will be packing-up our house soon so my posts might be lacking, but I assure you I will be back and blogging all about our 660 sq ft lives a.s.a.p!

I wish all of you all the best this year and can’t wait to see where the road twists and turns next.




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7 responses to “Our Crazy Lives.

  1. I was just thinking yesterday that (as much as I’ll be glad to get into a bigger place) everybody should do a significant house down-size at least once in their family life. It really puts in perspective what you REALLY need to live. I hope you enjoy the adventure!

    • I actually thought about you and your family whilst making this step…I figured, if you guys could move a family of 5 into a trailer and live to tell the tale then we should be just fine. Slightly crazier by the end of it, but fine 🙂

  2. Wow! You won’t believe it, but I was just saying to Mike that I needed to call you to find out what happened. Looks like I got my answer this morning! Wishing you and your family all the best on this new adventure. So you know, I’m more than happy to make a commute out of the neighborhood for coffee. 🙂

    • And I was thinking of calling you to tell you! Sorry, we’ve been a bit busy these days. We didn’t make it to the movie either…just so you know. I’m glad you will come by! I’ll invite the two of you over when it’s in a liveable state. I think that Rhys is having the hardest time wrapping his mind around the move and a new school, so a good friend showing-up will help for sure.

  3. This is a huge change hey Bria? Good for you for doing something drastic to allow yourself the lifestyle that is important to you. Proud of you for making such a big move!

  4. gayle franzmann

    Remember living in a motorhome for a year. Now that was tight!

  5. When are you moving? I’d love to come see your new place, once you’re settled in! 🙂

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