While Eating Toast.

Ammie: What’s Peanut Butter made out of?

Rhys: Peas. That’s why it’s called PEA-NUT-BUTTER.

Ammie: Oooooh.

Bria: Um, nope. It’s made out of peanuts.

Rhys: Why butter?

Bria: Because it’s spreadable like butter.

Ammie: Who makes honey?

Bria: Bees.

Ammie: What’s honey made out of?

Rhys: Flowers.

Ammie: (laughs) That’s SILLY!

Rhys: No. It’s not. Bee’s help us.

Ammie: Helpers?

Rhys: Ya. They help other plants survive.

Ammie: But they sting you on your fingers if you touch them.

Rhys: Ya, but that’s only to protect themselves.


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