When you live with a little boy…

When you live with a little boy…

…you begin to love anything and everything that can be used to build and construct.

…you start to appreciate the space a gym has to offer.

…you quickly learn that there is no limit to the amount of exploring they are capable of.

…you are astounded by their depth of creativity and role play.

(yes, that is Rhys stuffed into his pj pants pretending to be an ancient pharaoh)

…you become educated in the fields of entomology, war history, astronomy, architecture, engineering and various other creepy-crawly, squishy-gooey, clash-bang-boomey topics.

…you see more funny faces and hear more fart noises than you ever thought possible.

…you realize that while they are eager to appear big and strong, they have the most caring and sensitive hearts around.

Isn’t it great to live with a little boy?



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2 responses to “When you live with a little boy…

  1. Courtney

    Best of both worlds! Good imagination Rhys! I like you as a Pharaoh!

  2. gayle franzmann

    I love your little boy! and my other favorite little boy. But, what is really wonderful is when your very little boy grows up and speaks to a chuch full of people about God and His son. Then your heart grows so big with pride and love– it bursts! Prise God for our children.

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