Busy Birthday Weekend.


7:30am – Wake-up, get kids fed and dressed and ready for soccer, get self fed and dressed and ready for busy day.

9:30am – Get picked-up by M-I-L to set-up for F-I-L’s 65th birthday party.

1:00pm – Guests arrive at curling rink.

1:30 to 4:30pm – Make sure Amelia doesn’t smash her head on the rocks.

(…and find it hard to peel eyes away from husband while he is curling)

4:30 to 6:30pm – Feed guests and clean-up

6:30 – 8:00pm – Rush home. Change. Rush to 2nd birthday party for step-S.I.L.

8:00 to 11:30pm – Watch the kids go loopy dancing the night away, do the Boot Scoop Boogey, eat some pizza, dance to some Micheal Jackson with James.


7:30am – Wake-up, get the kids showered and dressed. Get myself showered and dressed.

8:30am – Yell at James 50 million times to wake-up.

9:30am – Run to Tim Hortons for breakfast and the biggest cup of coffee one can find.

10:00am – Church service (and teach Sunday school)

12:00pm – Go to friends house for a wiener roast/bon fire.

3:30pm – Run to the store to pick-up some things.

4:00 – 9:00pm – Go to mom’s house to celebrate step-dad’s 70th birthday and have a Grey Cup party.

10:00pm – Crawl into bed and wonder how I am going to find enough energy to clean the whole house and host a big family dinner the very next day.




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3 responses to “Busy Birthday Weekend.

  1. dana

    ummm…good luck today?

  2. Courtney

    Rock on sista! Rock on!

  3. and yet…. you did! superstar!

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