Working Mom.

My day went as follows:

Woke-up. (Was amazed I wasn’t sick considering I went to bed with the chills and a horrible heachache)

Checked my e-mail.

Had a shower.

Said goodmorning to the kids.

Made them their favorite breakfast – Oatmeal.

Got ready for my day.

Made Rhys and myself a lunch. My lunch was allowed to have peanut butter…

Walked Rhys to the bus in the fog.

Painted Ammie’s nails bubblegum pink.

Went to work…in the fog.


Took the bus home. Well, at first I took the wrong bus (which would have landed me in the opposite end of the city) but quickly realized my mistake and fixed it.

Unloaded and loaded the dishwasher.

Got Rhys from the bus. I was given the task of carrying home his prize pumpkin.

Made homemade tortillas to make into enchiladas. Yum.

Had dinner. Double yum.

Put Ammie in the bath.

Helped Rhys pick an outfit to wear to the wedding on Saturday.

Put Rhys in the bath.

Cuddled Ammie.

Tucked the kids in.

Wrote this blog.

About to crash.

So this is what it feels like to be a working mom…



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3 responses to “Working Mom.

  1. dana

    oh man…i feel your tiredness just thinking about going back to work…

  2. Candice

    LOL…yes, that sounds like it…except the homemade tortillas. I can honestly say I’ve never heard anyone say they made homemade tortillas…especially a working Mom!!!

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