Things I love right now…

 1) My hair. I’m really having fun with this style!

2) Meeting a friend for coffee and spending half-an-hour looking through pretty jewelry at Forever 21.

(found here)

3) Sweater and boot weather!

4) The fall wreath that I made the other day. Can’t go wrong with fall foliage and a hot glue gun!

5) $10 dollar glasses from Zenni optical.

6) Ammie’s new pageboy haircut.

7) Stew! I made slow cooker stew twice this past week…soooo good!

8 ) The paper mache skeleton that I created for our (one and only) Halloween decoration. It’s made from toilet paper rolls (thanks for the idea Candice!).

9) The fact that James’ graduation is TOMORROW!!! Can’t wait. Gonna cry.

10) That I got a job! I’m now a working woman (I have yet to start said job…so I guess I’m not quite a working woman yet).


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One response to “Things I love right now…

  1. dana

    the new glasses look great! was it easy to order from there…i’ve been to there site a few times to look through, but i’ve never followed through with the order…

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