Star of the Day.

You know your child is growing-up when they start bringing home projects and homework. Grade One isn’t like Kindergarten. Oh no, it’s not just a few home reading books anymore. Within the first few weeks Rhys has brought home work for math, spelling, reading and his very first class presentation! The project is called Star of the Day. Each day one of the kids in his class gets to talk about their family, interests and favorite things. I think it’s a great idea. The project introduces a basic understanding of public speaking with the easiest topic…themselves! What kid doesn’t want to talk about his or her favorite food and movie?  

For each of the topics he will be talking about (food, movie, family, pet, sport, colour, etc.) he needs to bring an item or picture to help him explain it to the class. These items need to be packed in a box and the box needs to be decorated with things that he likes. We started working on the box last weekend. I had a kids shoebox lying around which was the perfect size for holding all of these items. originally Rhys wanted to just cover it with paper and plaster it with stickers…but then we remembered his MakeDo set. Why have just a boring old box holding all of the items when the box itself can be an item!??! (your brain just exploded, didn’t it?) For those of you who know Rhys, and now those of you who don’t, will know just how crazy this kid is about building things. Usually it takes the form of hours spent building with Lego at his table, but Rhys also loves building with recyclables. That’s where MakeDo comes in. Haven’t heard of MakeDo? Well, you should have. We bought Rhys a box of it at Toad Hall Toys a while back and he loves it. Makedo is a bunch of reusable connectors which allow you to build things out of recyclable materials. Rhys was doing this sort of thing before he discovered these cool connecters…these just make it easier.

Here’s our supplies:

-two toilet paper rolls

-one shoebox

-one KD box

-two fruit cup lids

-1/4 plastic wrap roll

Here’s our finished product:

I think it’s pretty neat. Why settle for an ordinary box when you can turn it into a super-cool robot? Now we have to fill it with his favorite things and work on a clear voice and eye contact (as per teachers instructions).


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  1. Courtney

    It looks like Wall-e! Love it!

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