Snapshots Of A Cottage Life – Part II

I look forward to our time out at my In-law’s cottage with much anticipation. There’s always such great food and good company in such a relaxing and beautiful setting. The perfect place for our last few days of summer. The kids love it there. Between the fun toys, the wonderful grandparents, the boating, the swimming, the fishing, the fires, the dog, the chocolate milk and the calm mother, what more could they ask for?

There’s nothing like waking-up to the sun poking through the white cotton blinds, sleepily curled under the flowery Ikea bedding. The air crisp and clean carries the sounds of the woods and the river in through the open window.With comfy slippers shuffling downstairs to grab a cup of coffee, I sit in the cushy chair, book in hand, and I breathe.

The cottage is a place to slow down. A place to breathe. It’s a place that reminds you of the simple and good things in life. Family. Friends. Food. Play. {and red wine in the afternoon}

I love cottage life.

Snapshots Of A Cottage Life – Part I



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3 responses to “Snapshots Of A Cottage Life – Part II

  1. Courtney

    I was hoping to see a pic of his first fish!

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