A List – Off the top of my head.

  1. I should stop typing right now, put the laptop down and start working away at the long list of things I need/want to get done today. Instead, I’m making a silly list on my blog and drinking coffee. Meh.
  2. We are heading out to the cottage. I haven’t been out all summer. It’s such a beautiful and relaxing place, I can’t wait to get out there.
  3. I agreed to  sew some backdrop curtains for our church…have I ever mentioned that large pieces of fabric terrify me?
  4. Rhys is starting Grade 1 AND turning 6 next week! Crazy. What happened to my little boy?
  5. I love the colour orange. The first place that I moved into on my own had a cute little kitchen that I painted orange. I think the colour was called ‘Burnt Pumpkin’ or something like that. I miss that kitchen from time to time. It was small but it had a beautiful farmhouse apron sink. I also miss the soaker bathtub…
  6. I’m looking forward to cozy knits and pumpkin spice latte’s and plaid and boots. Have I mentioned that fall is my FAVORITE time of the year?
  7. I’m trying to do a few things to make packing school lunches an easy/quick task. I’ve already made some muffins to freeze. Today I’ll make a few batches of cookies as well. I need to make a nut-free trail mix for snacks. I’m also thinking about making some little pizza’s that I can freeze and pull-out one by one but I’m not sure the what the best method for that would be. Any suggestions for school lunches?
  8. I took Rhys and Amelia to the public library yesterday to get their very first library cards. Ammie kept thinking that we were buying the books. When I said that she could pick-out whatever she wanted, she ran around like a mad woman bouncing off of the shelves. It must look like I feed that child a solid diet of caffeine sometimes. I got the second novel in The No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency series by Alexander McCall Smith. I’m really looking forward to reading it.
  9. I was working in the office at our church earlier this week when, from the other room, I heard Rhys the worker-man announce proudly to himself, “Another day, another nickel!” My friend and I had a good chuckle.
  10. Here is a picture of Ammie from September 2008. She grew way too fast.

 Well, that’s it for my list. I hope you all have a wonderful and relaxing long weekend!



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2 responses to “A List – Off the top of my head.

  1. Courtney

    Have fun with your books! Don’t forget to bring them back on time! It helps, for me, that I have e-mail notices. That way, I’m notified when my books atre due a few days in advance

  2. mom

    Do you remember the color that you picked out in our apartment at Tiffany Towers? Sienna Orange!!

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