Mountain Stream.

The kids and I just got back from a short (but lovely) vacation. While we were away we had the opportunity to go for a picnic by a mountain stream. It was perfect. I love the mountains with all of their nooks and crannies hidden away just waiting to be stumbled upon. A sense of adventure and excitement wash over me each and every time I find myself riding along the twisting highways.

We did a little bit of exploring to a few different streams and even built some rock piles and a dam.  The water was freezing cold and crystal clear and I would have been perfectly content to spend the whole day playing with the rocks beside the stream. I was ready to set up camp and stay there for the week. The water was moving so beautifully; creating delicate ripples in one part and tossing around gushing waves in the next. I love water.

I wanted to try to capture the movement and how it was complimented by the earthy rocks underneath. I played around with a few things on my silly little camera (not a fancy shmancy one) and ended-up changing the shutter speed so that it would catch the ripples and not turn them into a blur. I like how they turned-out. Enjoy.

{I suggest clicking on the picture to look at individually}


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  1. Wow, those pictures are amazing! Sounds like you had a great time. 🙂

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