A Little Bit of Life.


{we’ve been going on LOT’S of bike rides}

{i’ve taken-up jogging (again) and have joined a 30 day fitness challenge with a few other people…i’m a bit tired from all the running and working out but I feel great and am inspired to continue on}

{listening to lot’s of good music while I run}

{ammie is going through a ‘helper’ stage…i love it}

{rhys has soccer 3 times a week right now and i’m an assistant coach so we’re out on the field a lot}

{one of my favorite parts of the day is when james gets home and tells me what he’s been up to. his days are filled with hilarious stories, rigorous training, and lot’s of studying. he’s leading a very interesting life these days}

{oh, and that little Lego cop is my key chain}



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2 responses to “A Little Bit of Life.


    This is a very good way of sending news to everyone. Please continue.


  2. That’s a damn fine playlist you’ve got there.

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