The Sweetest Thing.

(while walking past the kids room awhile after they had been tucked in for the night)

Rhys: Mom….

Me: Yes Rhys?

Rhys: Um…….

Ammie: Can I just say one thing?

Me: Sure.

Ammie: It’s just that…I love you.

Me: I love you too Ammie.

Rhys: Um….

Ammie: When I say that, I need a hug and a kiss.

Me: Okay.

(I go and give Ammie a hug and a kiss)

Ammie: I’ll just kiss you on the neck. Not right here (pointing to the side of my neck), just right here (pointing to the front of my neck).

Me: Okay.

Ammie: *smooch*

Rhys: Um….

Me: (standing-up to talk to Rhys on the top bunk) Yes? What is it Rhys?

Rhys: Do you know why I make things out of garbage?

Me: Why?

Rhys: So that our dumps don’t get any bigger.

Me: That’s right. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, right?

Rhys: Ya, like the three white arrows.

Me: It’s very important. Goodnight Rhys.

Ammie: Mom?

Me: What?

Ammie: It’s just that I like pink…and stickers.

Me: Good night children (walking out of the room).

Ammie: And babies!

Me: Ya, I know you do. Good night.


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One response to “The Sweetest Thing.

  1. Courtney

    This had me in stitches. This is SO cute! I love those kids!

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