(at mom’s stay and play this morning)

Other Mother:  Is she starting kindergarten next year?

Me: No, the year after.

Other Mother: So you have another year with her at home?

Me: Yup.

Other Mother: (scrunchie face) Ugh.

Me: Actually, I’m quite looking forward to one more year with her at home.

Really? Really!??! Do people want to get rid of their own kids badly enough that the thought of me staying home with my child induces an “Ugh” response??? Really?



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7 responses to “What!??!

  1. Meghan Bargen

    Hey Bria!
    It’s been so long…I’ve been reading your blog for awhile now – it’s great!
    This post shocked me! I think it is great that you love being with your kids. You will never get that year back! So, good for you!
    I’d love to reconnect sometime.

  2. ruth

    that is so sad. breaks my heart as i’ve heard a few stories like this in the past while. xo

  3. Yeah, I have a hard time hearing those reactions! Same thing when parents say they dread summer holidays and can’t wait for their kids to go back to school. I feel especially sorry for the kids who have parents with that attitude.

  4. Courtney

    That’s so sad! I don’t understand people like that, and I don’t have kids!

  5. jule

    haha. i dunno. if you had met some of the kids i taught…
    JUST KIDDING. all my students rock my socks. i just can’t help but look for the humour in these things….

  6. Mom

    My children were such a blessing. I remember walking back from dropping Bria off at Kindergarten and crying. Those days went by so fast.

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