James and I watched A&E’s Hoarders for the first time yesterday. I had heard about this show from a number of people but I’d never actually seen it. Wow. I had my hand covering my mouth for most of the time, hiding my disgust and surprise. If you haven’t seen it…well, I’m not sure you should. Unless you’re messy, then watch it and channel some cleaning motivation from the professional organizers that come into tackle these disturbed people’s homes.

Going to bed last night I must have asked James a dozen times if I was a hoarder. I’m not. Not even close. I do have some messy places and, at times, they spill out into the rest of the house but I’m not like that. I vacuum. I sweep. I have a diningroom table that my family eats their food on! Clutter and mess irritate me, I just don’t always have the energy or motivation to deal with it.

This morning I woke-up with a new resolve. I put some laundry in, cleaned the laundry room, cleaned the kitchen, fed the kids and then sat down to fold a bunch of clothes. Afterwards I switched the laundry, cleaned the kitchen (yes, it gets messy that fast), cleaned my bedroom, cleaned the bathroom and switched the laundry again. Watching the show gave me even more resolve to continue on in my quest for simplifying what comes in to (and stays) in our home. I feel like I’m on the right track. I’ve already come so far in the past few years. And now I have a secret weapon to get me focused…Hoarders.


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  1. I watched season one in its entirity on netflix. It affected me profoundly. I couldn’t get those people out of my head; out of my thoughts.
    I realized a few things: a) I am totally NOT a hoarder. b) I’m actually pretty clean c) I don’t have emotional attachment (to a freakish level) to things.

    But my heart really hurt with these people who have this illness. That’s what it is, no doubt about it. The days following my hoarder watching, I was like a house-cleaning and tidying MANIAC!!

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