When you live with a girl who loves cats…

1. You’re always playing the game “Cats”.

2. You find cats stuffed into socks.

3. The cats are read to on a regular basis.

4. Stuffed cats and plastic cats become new decorations thoughtfully placed around the house.

5. The cats are carefully tucked in to their beds.

6. Any article of clothing with a cat on it is worn regularly (and if it’s pink with a cat on it…)

7. You’re always stepping on strays.

8. You find pictures of cats on your camera.

9. You find yourself having conversations which include arguments like,

“No sweetheart, your daddy is not going to be building you a little house in our backyard just so you can live in there with a real cat…”

10. Guests are suckered-in and start playing the game “Cats”.

11. She often communicates in scratches and “meow’s”.

12.  She dreams about God playing with cats.



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4 responses to “When you live with a girl who loves cats…

  1. We should really get our girls together. Olivia is constantly meowing and petting at my face and at least half of the other stuff you mentioned in the post. A few weeks back I was walking in the kitchen and actually thought there was a cat there because Olivia was on her hands and knees and all I saw was her mass of hair moving. I was actually quite startled. IT must’ve been the best thing for Olivia to know I thought she was a cat!

  2. kcat

    sounds like someone needs to spend more time at auntie kellys house snuggling with stink puss mintigan – the cat only outsiders love. she’s rolly polly and purrs if you look at her, but MAN! is she ever annoying to live with. she walks around sqwaking at the top of her little runty lungs and makes me sneeze like crazy if i even touch her. she could use a little ammie in her life i’m sure.

  3. Courtney

    Ha ha! This is so funny! Love it!

  4. ooooooooooooh!! SHE I LIKE!

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