Little Blue Vacuum Cleaner.

I received my first vacuum as a gift at my wedding shower just over six years ago. I was so excited. It was compact and blue and my very own. The little guy served us well over the years but something fairly significant has been lacking in it’s performance this past little while…it’s suction. We kept saying that we should buy a new but we just kept pushing it aside and pushing it aside while it kept getting weaker and weaker.

And then James finally just did it! He bought me a brand new Hoover vacuum this weekend and it’s sexy. As soon as we had walked through the door the packaging was whipped off and the beauty was up and running. James decided to give it a test run in our basement and when I walked down the stairs the first thing that I saw was our pathetic looking little blue vacuum all slumped over in a corner. I couldn’t help but feel a little bit sorry for the old guy…all of our years spent cleaning the house together…he’d been so faithful to us…he hadn’t seen it coming…how could he compete with the sparkly new Hoover…WHAT? I stopped in my tracks and reminded myself that it is a vacuum cleaner! It doesn’t have a heart, it has a dust bag! Silly Bria.

But it did remind me of this commercial.




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2 responses to “Little Blue Vacuum Cleaner.

  1. Mom

    I was at the Winnipeg Art Gallery a couple of years ago when they showed the commercial from the Ikea store. It actually won the Gold metal for the best commercial that year. It was so good, everybody at the show felt sorry for the poor little lamp. So I can totally understand how you felt about your vaccum. Great blog Bria!

  2. Courtney

    This is a really weird commercial….

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