My Day (more or less).

6:00 – Wake-up. Grumble. Roll out of bed. Fall into exercise clothes. Work-out. Grumble.

6:45 – Make coffee. Put breakfast stuff on the table. Make Rhys’ school snack.

7:00 – Shower. Get dressed. Throw on some make-up and do hair.

7:30 – Get kids dressed and make sure all nut oils are scrubbed off their faces.

8:00 – Drink lukewarm cup of coffee with a few cream floaties ontop. Nag kids to put their outdoor clothing by the front door.

8:30 – Walk kids to school.

8:45 to 8:55 – Watch Rhys run after all of his friends pretending to be an alien robot crab…?

8:56 – Follow Rhys into school and make sure he hands his teacher the picture he coloured for her.

9:00 – Walk home from school.

9:15 – Make myself something for breakfast. Make Ammie a second breakfast. Take my vitamins. Look at grocery flyers.

9:45 – Start cleaning the kids room and make the beds.

10:15 – Get Ammie to vacuum her room while I sort the kids books.

10:30 – Dig through the messy storage room trying to find the Christmas decorations box. Find that vest that goes to that doll that we are giving as a birthday present tomorrow.

10:40 – Put away everything I just pulled out from the room.

10:45 – Slowly look around the storage room and realize I have a mountain of laundry to do.

10:46 – Get Ammie to do some laundry.

10:55 – Sit down at the computer for a breather.

11:05 – Help Ammie in the washroom.

11:06 – Clean up kitchen table.

11:15 – Get Ammie bundled.

11:20 – Walk to pick-up Rhys while listening to Ammie shouting Spanish words she’s learned from Dora.

12:15 -Make lunch.

12:30 – Tell Ammie to stop goofing off and eat her lunch.

12:35 – Remind Ammie to eat her lunch.

12:40 – Yell at Ammie to eat her lunch.

1:00 – Decorate the kids room with Rhys.

1:30 – Do a Christmas ornament craft with the kids.

1:50 – Scrub all of the marker off of the table and floor.

1:55 – Put a show on for the kids.

1:56 – Sing along to Johnny Cash Christmas carols.

2:00 – Realize that I have a mountain of dishes from the past three days sitting on my counter.

2:01 – Start doing dishes.

2:30 – Realize I haven’t thought about dinner.

2:31 – Leave the dishes to dig through freezer to find something to make for dinner. Find nothing useful.

2:35 – Make massive grocery list.

2:45 – Wish that my coffee cream wasn’t bad so that I could brew another cup of coffee. Have a glass of water instead.

2:46 – Make a snack for the kids.

2:50 – Go to switch the laundry but can’t because the towels aren’t dry. Start dryer again.

2:52 – Try to tackle the dishes again. Get sidetracked by scrubbing waffle goo off of the counter.

3:00 – Have a bathroom break.

3:10 – Haul more laundry downstairs.

3:15 – Call James and ask when he’s coming home and tell him we need to get groceries ASAP.

3:35 – Decide to continue cleaning the kitchen.

3:36 – Get an exciting phone call from James.

3:37 to 3:39 – Jump up and down yelling and praising God.

3: 40 – Call my mom with the good news.

3:45 – Fill-up the sink with water and bubbles and let Ammie wash the dishes.

4:00 – Sit down for a breather at the computer.

And I wonder why I’m always shocked that another week/month/year has flown by. Busy busy busy.



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5 responses to “My Day (more or less).

  1. Dana

    so 3:36 is the good news you’ve been waiting for i’m assuming???? that’s so great!!!! we’re really happy for you all!

  2. Courtney

    Wow! That’s amazing! Go you! And go to all the mothers out there. It’s a never ending job, even when the kids have moved out.

  3. Bria, I’m worried. You didn’t take a bathroom break until 3pm.

  4. Mom

    Whew! I am tired reading this!!

  5. ok first of all, hilarious post. seriously funny.
    second of all i am NOT happy that i have not heard anything from you about this good news. i may be half way around the world, but considering the kind of friends we are i am officially OFFENDED! fb me asap, please!!!

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