( I had just sent the kids to their room to get dressed for the day. I hear some yelling and then a loud scream come from the kids room. I go running up stairs.)

Bria: What’s going ooonnnn? (I say in my loud commanding ‘mother’ voice)

(I turn the corner and see both Rhys and Ammie on the bed. Ammie’s legs are being pulled at by Rhys. She’s wearing on of his shirts and a pair of his ripped jeans.)

Rhys: Ammie! I was gonna wear that shirt today!

(I separate the two of them having an idea of what happened.)

Rhys: Ammie is wearing my clothes again!

Ammie: But I wanted to wear these ones.

Bria: Ammie, (starting to remove her clothes) you can’t just go shopping in Rhys’ drawers. Did you ask him if you could wear these?

(Ammie starts to cry. She’s now naked, standing in front of me. She even had his underwear on. Her bottom lip comes all the way out and her head sinks into her hands.)

Ammie: But…But….*sob*….I w-wanted t-to be cool!



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3 responses to “Siblings.

  1. Courtney

    Awww…poor Ammie. She’s cool the way she is.

  2. ruth


  3. Mom

    Bria– This is great stuff! Why are you not writing a book!!

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