A Study Of Movement.

or “I’m A Bit Dizzy Today”,

or “Why I’m Always Tired”,

or “I Have A Lot Of Blurry Pictures”,

or “I wish I had Her Energy”,

or “Why I Look Forward To Date Night At A Bookstore”,

or “Why Mothers Of Toddlers Deserve A Bottle Of Wine And A Box Of Chocolates In A Nice Hot Bubble Bath Followed By A Foot Massage (every day)”

OR “Why I Love Ammie”



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5 responses to “A Study Of Movement.

  1. Or: “Why ‘Stay at Home Mom’ Isn’t the Most Accurate Description of Motherhood.”

    Maybe “Marathon Mother” instead?


  2. Courtney

    That’s awesome. I love the pics. I can’t think of any “or why” moments for you, but it seems like you did a good job.

  3. wow is she ever tall! i can’t believe i’m missing so much of their lives. 😦

  4. Mom

    Enjoy this time. It will be forgotten to soon. Next thing you know they are married and gone. I miss this time (or rather I don’t remember to much of this time). I do remember how adorable you guys were at that age .

  5. ruth

    hahahahahaahahahaa…..sooo sweet.

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