Into A Groove.

I’m happy to report that we’ve survived our first week of Kindergarten! Amazing. Life doesn’t stand still for one single minute when you send your kid through those doors to make friends and learn. I thought that maybe I would have this whole reflection time or some big meltdown or at the very least a panic attack that he was now away from me for 3 hours a day but no, life just keeps going.

Rhys has been such a trooper. He loves that he gets to go to school every day and make friends and go to the library and have time to play in the gym. He’s constantly telling me all of the new and different things that he gets to do with his class (and his new friend Lucas). I was able to attend his House League assembly today (each child is assigned to one of four house leagues that run from K-6). It was fun to see school from a totally different perspective sitting with the other mom’s and staff on the back benches. Rhys kept look back at me and smiling this huge goofy smile.

I’m happy to report that I’m thoroughly enjoying walking the kids and getting out of the house everyday. Fall is my favorite season so being outside in the nice crisp air with a scarf wrapped around me and a cup of coffee in my hands is good for my soul. It’s also been good to have some sort of routine back in my life after a lazy summer.

Amelia is adjusting well and is starting to realize that when Rhys is at school she gets all of the toys to herself.  It’s nice to sit and have some time alone with her. We can do puzzles and read books and play without any interruptions.

Seeing how excited Rhys has been this week has made it a really easy transition. We are now fully into school life with Scholastic book orders, notes from the teacher, fundraisers, school t-shirts, signing papers, packing snacks, chatting with other parents, knowing what school day it is and making sure he gets to bed on time. I’ve managed to visit with his teacher, the principle, the librarian, the gym teacher, and the community director. I never thought the day would come where I would say that having a kid in school is now my normal. It always seemed so far off and even when Rhys was counting down his days I still couldn’t believe it was happening.

But it has and it’s good.


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  1. Courtney

    That’s awesome that Rhys is loking forward to school and has made a new friend.

    I remember being like that when I was his age, I think I was a little freaked out too, but only on my first day or two. Probably because I didn’t know what to expect, and what the kids were going to be like.

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