A Tuesday List – Off The Top Of My Head.

  1. I just downed a stiff cup of coffee. I realized that I probably needed one after waking up from having passed-out on our *new* basement couch (so comfy). My book was slumped over and the kids were long gone….sitting at the kitchen table playing with Lego quietly. Good kiddies.
  2. After writing number one I ran upstairs and poured myself another cup of coffee.
  3. Rhys and I went through a trial run of getting ready for school this morning. This was for me as much as it was for him. Turns out we were all ready to go a full hour before we even needed to put our jackets on. Rhys was excited, I was nervous.
  4. I have lists and lists of things that I need to buy or get done for Rhys’ birthday party.
  5. I bought two new hats for $7 the other day. Yay for Zellers clearance sales!
  6. Everyday James glances over at Rhys’ “Countdown To Kindergarten” calendar that we have on the wall…I think that he’s just as nervous and rattled about having a child in school as I am.
  7. Don’t rent the movie ‘Igor’ for your kids. It was really weird. I mean really weird.
  8. I am looking forward to seeing friends and family all gathered together in our home on Saturday. It’ll be quite squished but it’ll be fun.
  9. I am also looking forward to having breakfast at church on Sunday (@ 8:45 if anyone wants to join us).
  10. I had a wonderful long weekend with James, who just so happened to be home for the entire time! So rare but so good.

I’ll have to leave you with that for now. I have a million things on my mind this week with Rhys starting school, my mom’s group starting-up again and Rhys’ birthday party. I’m a bit scattered but hopefully next week things will get back to ‘normal’…or at least our new normal.

Happy ‘Back To School’ week!



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2 responses to “A Tuesday List – Off The Top Of My Head.

  1. Courtney

    Have fun tomorrow with the first day of school!

  2. Courtney

    PS. I’m actually writing on the 8th, at 9:45

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