{i don’t even know what to put here…the picture speaks for itself.}

{on monday i went and picked apples from my mom’s tree. i’ve been processing most of them into bags of apple pie filling to go into the freezer but today i decided to make some baked apples stuffed with an oat and raisin mixture topped with cheddar cheese and whipping cream. delish.}

{apparently this is what i look like today.}

{trying to get everything organized for camping this weekend. praying for good weather.}

{one of the many reasons this blog has been a bit quiet lately is due to the fact that i have my nose stuck in a book (currently the third book) in between every little activity throughout the day. i’ve been reading at meal times, reading while standing-up doing things in the kitchen, reading in the truck while i wait for James to run errands, and even reading while the pictures loaded onto this post. i just can’t help it…i’m completely sucked into the story. i’ve read it before, i’ve seen the movies, i know what happens but they’re just. that. good. read ’em if you haven’t!}


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  1. Courtney

    WHOO!!! LORD OF THE RINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gotta love them. Although, I’ve only read the first book, I LOVE the movies. I’ve also read “The Hobbit”. Which, I might add, is coming out in the next year or two. So excited!

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