Oh Rhys, you silly little man.

Rhys: What are we drinking for dinner mom?

Bria: You’re having milk.

Rhys: But I want Pepsi. (he’s not allowed to have Pepsi by-the-way)

Bria: Nope.

Rhys: Well, if I was a King in a Castle then I would have Pepsi for dinner.

Bria: I’m sure you would.


Bria: Rhys, do you want a haircut soon?

Rhys: No, I wanna be a rock star.


Rhys: Mom, this milk smells like garbage.

Bria: (slowly looking up from my lunch) What do you mean it smells like garbage?

Rhys: Well, whenever I drink milk I always breathe it in…and this milk smells like garbage. (as he drinks the rest)


Rhys: Mom, why is there a penguin on the bottle?

Bria: Because the wine is called “The Little Penguin”.

Rhys: Oh, I see. Someone caught a penguin, chopped it all up and made it into wine?




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3 responses to “Oh Rhys, you silly little man.

  1. Courtney

    That’s awesome. I can totally see him saying that too. That’s priceless. I really enjoy these little conversations you write down. They’re one of the things that make day a little brighter. 😀

  2. Marry a man with an imagination like that and see what happens to your kids! Ha. These are great, never get tired of reading them. Thanks.

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