3 years.

In another week and a half my little baby girl will be turning three. Hard to believe. Actually, looking at her it’s hard to believe that she’s only turning three because she’s so huge and then it’s hard to believe that she was ever my little baby. My kids are growing-up so fast and it’s difficult to not get sentimental whenever we reach a new milestone. Three seems pretty big to me. She’s so independent now! She can dress herself, feed herself, climb up and down the ladder to Rhys’ bed all by herself. She can use the potty all by herself! She knows her ABC’s and 123’s. She wears pink polish on her toenails and has taken a liking to keeping lip gloss in her purse. She can put on her shoes, run outside and ride all over God’s green earth on her tricycle. She has opinions and favorites. She has friends. She draws people and does puzzles. No, she’s not really a baby at all anymore. We are leaving one of my favorite stages and entering uncharted territory…the life of a pre-school girl. I’m looking forward to spending time with Amelia, just the two of us, when Rhys starts school. I could put her into pre-school but it seems only fair that she gets mommy all to herself for a little while. And maybe part of me is wanting to hold on for a while. She’s growing-up so quickly (so quickly)…and to think she was ever in my tummy.



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3 responses to “3 years.

  1. aw. i remember you all preggers. i can’t believe i’ll be missing another birthday!!!

  2. elyse

    I vote no to pre-school, she spends her days with the best teacher ever!

  3. i was thinking about how amazing it was that little baby amelia was just a teeensy weeensy little newborn at my wedding. it seems as though she’s always been a two and half year old. she just grew so quickly! crazy!
    btw. I saw an ice cream cone shaped/decorated cupcake cake at safeway. it was pretty suave. you should totally make one for the party.

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