Enjoying Summer.

So I’ve been out and about (meaning out of my computer room and actually moving about my house) these past couple of days. The kids and I have started our summertime ritual of visiting the wading pool whenever the weather permits (it’s half a block away…it would be a shame to not take advantage of that). We’ve been trying to potty train Amelia for a couple of days now (and I think it’s working) but it’s taking up a lot of time. I’ve also been spending the majority of my days in the kitchen baking things like this…

So tasty. Saskatoon Pie Poppers – That’s what I’ve decided to call them and there will be many more.

Anyways, I’m trying to enjoy my summer and not be a party pooper wasting it away sitting in the dank basement blogging like a total nerd. However I will point you in this direction to read a really interesting article that a blogging friend posted (thanks Ruthie). It really highlighted a certain worldview that, and I hate to say it, I’ve totally fallen into…and it made me feel incredibly selfish. Head on over there if you have a few moments and have yourselves a great weekend!


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  1. ruth

    yummers! that photo….i’m baking today!


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