Family Devotions.

Family devotions are something that I’ve always wanted to get into. I like the idea of sitting together with my kids and having James or I read about God’s truths. We don’t do it as often as I’d like but it does happen from time-to-time. On Saturday night we decided to pick-up one of the kids devotionals and read to them before bed. They’d been a tad goofy that evening so I’m not surprised they had a hard time calming down and taking it seriously. Although, come to think of it, Ammie did take it quite seriously because this particular story was about a little girl with a kitty cat. Anything involving a kitty cat will stop Ammie in her toddler tracks and capture her attention. Anyways, in the story the little girl couldn’t decide on what to name her little kitty and she was consulting her friends on the matter. It turned into a big spiritual lesson about how we are God’s children and how he has named each and every one of us. At the end of the devotional there were some questions for the kids to answer. One of them was, “What would you have named Stormy (the kitten)?” Ammie looked at the picture very seriously and said, “Steve”. The next question was, “Who is our Creator?” Rhys quickly yelled, “Star Wars!” Oh boy. The last question was, “Who is God’s son?” Again Rhys yelled, “Razor!” James and I burst out laughing…Jesus “The Razor” Christ. It was too funny. My thinking is that if the Word is a ‘double edged sword’ (Heb. 4:12) and Jesus is the Word (John 1:1) then maybe Jesus is like a razor? Okay, so it’s a stretch. And it kinda sounds like an amateur wrestling name doesn’t it?

Rhys knows the right answers in case you’re worried about what we are teaching our kids. He actually talks about God all of the time and since he’s into asking questions non-stop he’s been learning a lot about our faith. It’s really wonderful to watch and it makes me happy to see him thinking about these things…but Razor? I don’t know where it came from but that’s going to stay with me for a loooong time.

Side Story: *Look at that! You get two for the price of one today!* They say that children Rhys’ age ask around 400 questions a day. I believe it. I was trying to have a bit of a quiet time on the couch yesterday. I had made myself a cup of tea, I had a new Don Miller book in hand and I was snuggling-up for some ‘Mommy Time’. I was hoping Rhys would just wander-off and play with a new Nerf gun that his Nana had bought him. But no, he left me alone for about 5 minutes (just enough time to get sucked into the book) and then came back with a million questions racked-up in his brain. Some of them are easy questions, some of them just throw me off-guard and then some of them I have absolutely no idea how to even go about answering. Most of the time I try to answer questions in such a way that it doesn’t warrant 15 more questions but it’s hard to do on the spot.

Rhys: Mom, why aren’t the birds eating the bird food I put out?

Bria: Maybe they aren’t hungry yet.

Rhys: When will they be hungry?

Bria: When their tummies tell them it needs more food.

Rhys: Do we have Woodpeckers in this city?

Bria: Yes.

Rhys: Why don’t I see them?

Bria: Maybe we don’t have many around our house.

Rhys: Why not?

Bria: Because we don’t have bird-feeders in our backyard.

Rhys: How can a Woodpecker fit in a tree if it’s head is so big?

Bria: Mommy is trying to read her book.


Rhys: What do butterflies like to eat?

Bria: RHYS…..


Rhys: How many sleeps until Canada day?

Bria: 3. Rhys, mommy is trying to read her book.

Rhys: It’s just that…what is fluff?

Bria: It’s little bits of fabric and dust and….Rhys, mommy is trying to read.

Rhys: It’s just that…what is the sun made out of?

This folks, is NON-STOP! At the supper table last night he was being his usual self asking question after question after question when James finally had heard enough and told Rhys to be quiet for a bit. Rhys hadn’t even been eating his food because he was so busy asking questions so we told him to stop talking and eat. After a few moments James looked at Rhys and told him that he’d been a good boy for a few minutes so he was allowed to ask one, ONE, very special question. Rhys thought for a moment. You could see all of the questions he’d racked-up in his brain over the few moments he’d be quiet were all rolling around as he was trying to figure out which one was the MOST important. He looked at James, “Well…it’s just that….what’s for dessert?” Again, we burst out laughing. It’s was perfect. His brain is clearly going 100 miles a minute and it’s so funny to watch.



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4 responses to “Family Devotions.

  1. I love the kids stories you tell. Of course the one question Rhys chooses is about dessert! He is his father’s son 🙂

    That’s great that you’re trying family devotions. We did them growing up. It was a lot like your experience: sometimes we kids paid attention and followed along, sometimes not, but in either case it’s good family time together. After devotions we had a book in which we each had to write down something we were thankful for that day. It was a good way to make us mindful of our blessings, even as kids. And it’s great now to look back and read what I was thankful for when I was 8 years old.

    If Jesus ever decides to become a WWF wrestler his name definitely should be Jesus “The Razor” Christ. Classy.

    P.S. You’ll have to tell me on Sunday how you like the new Don Miller book. I think it’s his best one yet, I read it at Christmas and still think about it. Have a good week!

  2. Courtney

    That is too funny! Although, you’re probably going to miss it when he’s all grown up and too busy to talk to you much.

  3. You know, Rhys might have his theology more figured out than you think. Razor or might I suggest Raiser, the one that was raised from death after three days? Although the image of Jesus as a wrestler is pretty awesome too.

  4. Mom

    You are so blessed Bria to listen to him and Ammie. The time goes by so fast, it is great that you write all this down.

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