A day in the life of…

I came across some creative journaling exercises earlier today and thought I would give them a shot. I enjoy a good quirky question or two from time to time. If you are the journaling type and feel a bit stuck, or aren’t the journaling type but have always wanted to give it a go then these sorts of things are perfect for that. Feel free to take the questions (I’ll hopefully be posting more) and run with them. For now I will leave you with this one: What’s is your day like?



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2 responses to “A day in the life of…

  1. Mom

    Very neat idea. I like it.

  2. Courtney

    So cute. I attempted a paper journel a few times, but it didn’t go over well. If I was into the paper journal, and if I was an artist, I’d totally do this. But, I’m not, I like keeping mine digital.

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