The Struggle.

This picture is the last of my favorites that I wanted to show you. We spent a day at the beach relaxing and enjoying some coastal  beauty that Haiti has to offer. James happened to sit down with some local fishermen and struck-up a conversation with them. All of them, including James, began pulling some rope in from a nearby boat. Everyone ended-up letting go and this guy decided to bring the rope out to the boat (which was a bit of a ways off shore). I snapped this picture before he got too deep and didn’t think much of it until I looked over my pictures later in the day. This is easily my favorite image from our time in Haiti. It seems to embody the hardship and struggle of everyday life the Haitian people face. At least that’s what I see in it.

It’s been roughly 3.5 months since James and I got back from our time in Haiti. Sometimes it feels like just yesterday and sometimes it feels like some murky distant memory. I find that I can’t rest my thoughts too long on our time there or I will get quite emotional. Some days I’m up for sifting through my emotions and other days it’s just too much. I miss Haiti and I hate that I can go days now where I don’t even think about the kids or the clinic. There are moments where I stop in my tracks and am shocked that it’s been a few days since I’ve pictured Joseph and his siblings, that I haven’t even prayed for them. I hate that it’s so easy to forget and go on living life as if I’d never ventured down there to see what I saw. It’s a struggle and I have yet to find some sort of  balance.



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2 responses to “The Struggle.

  1. ruth

    amazing photo. so much in that photo. it speaks so loud.

  2. cody

    Thanks for the post Bria. Good reminder for me today…. I often find the times I think about Haiti most is when I’m in the grocery store. Go figure.

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