Silly Morning.

Ammie (after having just woken-up and now lying on the couch): Mom, why did people build this house?

Bria: Well…someone wanted to live in a house and so they built this one.

Ammie: I don’t like this house.

Bria: What don’t you like about it?

Ammie: I don’t know.

Bria: Then go live in the yard.

So she got up, put her runners on and walked outside still in her jammies. I walked out after her and sat down on the front steps and drank my coffee as she wandered around the front lawn.

(As silly as it was it turned out to be a wonderful moment enjoying the first bits of sunshine, the quiet streets, the chirping birds and watching Ammie sleepily play on the sidewalk. Growing-up my mom and I would often sit on our front steps early in the morning and have a cup of coffee or tea. Even when we lived in her basement just after Ammie was born I would still look forward to the days where we could sit on the steps. Now that I’m in my own house and have my own kids I often forget to soak-in all those little moments of being a stay-at-home mom. I’ve gotta remember to sit on my front steps with my kids and enjoy the sun’s first ray’s more often.)

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  1. Mom

    Thanks for that memory Bria. Life gets so busy that I don’t even think anymore. I am going to sit out on my front steps on….Thursday, yes, that may work.

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