We drank a lot of Coca-Cola while we were in Haiti. It comes in really tall glass bottles and is the only cold drink we had while we were there (well, we also had some Sprite). I looked forward to taking a break from the heat and cracking open the cool fizzy drink. There was always a stocked cooler in the hallway where the guys were working. It was kinda odd to be able to have a cold Coke but unable to have cold drinking water…but things are a bit different down there.



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2 responses to “Coca-Cola.

  1. Courtney

    Mmmm…. coke. 🙂

  2. jule

    I used to be a Pepsi person. Then one day I realized that Coke was much….much better. Weird, hey?
    I bet if you brought them vanilla coke they’d think you were a god. i would…

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