Family Vacation.

Wow, it’s been a bit quiet around here lately. Sorry about that.

James and I took the kids to Fargo for a few days for our first EVER family (of four) vacation. Yes, Fargo is still a vacation for me. It was tons of fun and I hope that we’ll be able to do it again in the not-too-distant future. We hit-up all the shopping hot spots (to my dismay Bath & Bodywork’s was under renovations! I was disappointed.), played in the pool, ate at some cool restaurants, and then stopped in Grand Forks on our way home to go to their crazy cool water park. Other than all of the shopping that mommy and daddy wanted to do the kids were thrilled with everything. They even got to stay-up late watching TV. *At one point Ammie asked us what TV was…and she didn’t understand commercials. She kept wondering where the show went. Happy parenting moment!* I would say that one of the highlights of my trip was finding new bedding at Target. I’ve been looking for something that I like for a few years now and nothing ever stands-out to me. I may even post a picture of it soon it’s just THAT cute.

Anyways, here are a few pictures from our trip.

Ammie playing games at the Space Aliens restaurant. Coolest place ever. Well, at least Rhys thought so.

Ammie getting excited to ride on the Ferris Wheel. She was excited up until we got on and it started to move…

And here is a picture of the four of us at the water park. If you haven’t been there yet I highly suggest you think about going.


Well that’s all for right now. Have a great Wednesday!

(and if you haven’t voted yet, please see my last post and VOTE. pretty please?)



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3 responses to “Family Vacation.

  1. Dana

    sounds like fun!
    i have happy news for you…bath and body works just opened at st. vital mall!

  2. Courtney

    Yea, Bath and Body works just opened on Tuesday. I was also going to meniton that. It’s near the theater I think. If you’re walk ing toward it, it’s on the right hand side. Same side as the theater. I’m so excited! I love you pics. Sounds awesome. I haven’t stayed at Grand Forks somewhere between 8 and 10. That waterpark looks awesome!

  3. Courtney


    I voted, twice and I sent an e-mail to some people I thought would vote too.

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