A bit of Erskine life.

Lot’s of playing outside since it’s warmed-up, not a lot of housework being done. I’m okay with that. I think that after such long winters we deserve to soak-up as much sun as possible.

Rhys is all about soccer these days.

The 7-11 by my house started carrying Limonata and it’s bad…but so good. Limonata makes me so happy. It’s the perfect sunny afternoon drink. If you’ve never had it I highly suggest giving it a shot.

Playing on the escalator at The Bay downtown. Ammie just couldn’t get herself to say the word ‘escalator’, it went from alligator to illuminator to illiterator and then finally she said escalator but then it went back to alligator. It was really cute cuz she was trying so hard.

And I’m adding the gumball picture because they were just so yummy…yes, they were yummy. I ate them all.


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  1. I love Ammie’s hair in the one picture where the kids are riding up the “alligator”. 😀

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