Spring Fling Bib Necklace.

New post on my Everything Nice page! Enjoy!

(Photo taken by Rhys. Aw.)



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3 responses to “Spring Fling Bib Necklace.

  1. roo

    bria…i made those paper bowls with shiloh and LOVED IT! at least i did. i’m pretty sure she had fun too. thanks for the idear…

  2. Alisha

    Hi Bria! I’m sure you don’t remember me, but I’m pretty certain we were in the same dorm many moons ago at Prov…only you were upstairs and I was down. Anyway, my best friend, Heather Boersma, told me about the projects on your blog and after checking it out, I’ve gotta say, I’m a fan! You are so creative and I’m really inspired by your work. So I hope it isn’t too creepy for you that I’m checkin’ out your blog, but I wanted you to be encouraged and know that you have a ‘lil fan over here in BC 🙂 Thanks for the fabulous ideas!

  3. mom

    Bria, you look so beautiful sitting in the sun! I love your necklace

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