Off the top of my head.

  1. I drank a soy beverage today and I actually liked it. I may even purchase it again. Weird…I know.
  2. I picked-up my parenting book again today. It’s good to re-read every once-in-awhile, especially when I’ve asked my children to clean the basement 38 times in-a-row and they decide to ignore me and play with a bouncy ball. It’s helpful having a go-to book when I feel exasperated and need reminding that bribing my children with gigantic chocolate Easter bunnies is not the best parenting tactic.
  3. I thoroughly enjoy mornings. After I stumble out of bed and have a moment to focus I truly love being awake. It could be that I enjoy a sleepy cup of coffee or quiet devotions or the first light of the day or the first moments of the kids waking-up or pretty much any breakfast food. Regardless of what I like about being an early riser I just can’t seem to sleep-in. If I can stay in bed past 8:00 then that’s sleeping-in for me (which works well for having small children). I think that it drives James nuts.
  4. On Sunday I found-out that the girls from our church that live in Haiti are putting some support in place for Joseph and his siblings to go to school and get food every week. I can’t even begin to describe how excited James and I are at the prospect of those kids being taken care of and that we’ll be able to help-out. So praise God for that answer to prayer!
  5. I can see the floor of my office again. Yay.
  6. I really want to buy a dress form but don’t want to pay $500…any ideas?
  7. James and I are taking the kids to Fargo in a few weekends and I’m so excited that I’m tempted to start packing. Why? It’s FARGO.
  8. I taught Ammie how to do butterfly kisses today. Cutest thing, getting a butterfly kiss from a toddler.
  9. We made plastic bag flowers today. The Target bags worked the best because of the cute pattern, so I’ll be stocking-up on those while we’re away (like I really need any more motivation to get things from Target). This was a super-duper easy craft and you can find the tutorial over here. The only thing that I did differently was make really small squares to make really small flowers instead of the over-sized ones the tutorial makes. Rhys took the craft to a whole new level and modified the process to make the plastic bags into butterfly wings and then attached them to a popsicle stick. It worked well.

That’s about all.




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5 responses to “Off the top of my head.

  1. Regarding the dress form, I came up with one thing, but I don’t know if you’ll have the time to do it. I thought maybe you could sell some of your art stuff, like the cards you make.

  2. mom

    Bria– I love reading your stuff! I wish I was not so busy right now.

  3. chelsea

    i’m not too sure how well any of these methods work and i highly doubt they compare to store bought ones, but they’re definitely cheaper
    also if you’re willing to risk it you can get dress forms on ebay for under $50

    • Haha, that’s awesome Chelsea…I just came across this website earlier today and was thinking I should give them a try! Funny that you posted it. I checked on ebay a few days ago and didn’t see anything for that cheap but I’ll take another look. Thanks!

  4. roo

    oh cute-ness! i am so making those plastic flower thingees as soon as i possibly can.

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