He Reigns.

We sang this Newsboys song in church on Sunday and I was deeply moved by it. I couldn’t help but think of Haiti. I pictured flying over the island in the airplane and seeing all of their beautiful faces. I thought of their poverty and hunger and all of the injustice. I thought of the little kids that I became so attached to. In coming home I have felt so down about what I saw there. I am responsible for what I now know, and what do I do? What can I do?

This song reminded me that it is nothing I can do…we need to raise our hands to God and pray for the nation of Haiti. We need to feel the injustice and weep for the oppressed people. I know it sounds so odd, but I found myself singing this song to Haiti.


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2 responses to “He Reigns.

  1. Yeah, this song hit me a few weeks ago when a Teen Challenge worship band was at our church leading worship. I like the global focus of the song. Great lyrics too. I wish we sang this one more often.

  2. roo

    i don’t think its odd at all…i think that’s beautiful. 🙂

    thanks for sharing…

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