I try to make healthy food choices, sometimes I’m good at it and sometimes…not so much. I’m interested in buying and growing food that is healthy for both me and my children. I appreciate whole grains, full fats, organic (and not that I buy organic 100% of the time), farmers markets, home cooked and baked, veggies, fruits, and local meats. I feel like I’m constantly trying to edit our diets without going too overboard (I noticed a few too many pizza boxes one day…so no delivery until May. I make a killer pizza for cryin’-out-loud, why are we ordering out?) James and I watched Food Inc. the other day and although the documentary is dealing with the American food industry I think that it brings up some very valid and tough questions concerning our view of food and how we allow it to be produced. The kicker for me was watching an episode of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. I can’t embed it for some reason, but you can go here to watch it if you like. The part where a whole class of first graders can’t identify one. single. vegetable really got me. I felt like crying and throwing-up at the same time. It made me think again about my food choices and what I’m teaching my children with every single bite of food I take.



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4 responses to “Food.

  1. David Rae

    Well, to be fair, there are way too many vegetables. You got that red one and that other gross red one. One is an apple, I think. And then you have the orange one and then I swear like twenty green ones. One of which is a green apple. How are you supposed to keep track of it all?

  2. I saw the clip. That’s SO sad and shocking at the same time.

  3. Jordan

    I was just talking about this very video today with some college friends. Scary stuff. We are so disconnected from everything we eat. Way to go for trying to counteract this trend.

    And everyone should see Food, Inc.

  4. jule

    well my kindergarteners would be able to kick those grade 1’ers butts!

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