For those about to rock…

Rhys has been a bit of a stud-muffin lately. It started off with Rhys wearing his suit jacket, bow tie and cowboy hat to church. Then he branched out and it was worn out to dinner, to Costco, to the dump. Now this outfit has seeped into his everyday wear. He gets upset when I suggest that maybe, just maybe, his suit jacket is a little overdressed for staying at home with mom all day. He says he wants to look handsome.

Well, there’s a girl, you see. She’s a very pretty girl and I think that Rhys has caught on to the fact that he needs to be extra special to get her attention. He needs to be set apart from all the other hum-drum boys…cuz she goes to school, you know. When he dresses up for church he says that he wants her to notice him, that he thinks she’ll think that he’s handsome or something. He gets a big grin on his face when he says this. I didn’t know a four-and-a-half year-old could be this in love.

I just hope, for Rhys’ sake, she’s into AC/DC.



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5 responses to “For those about to rock…

  1. rhonda

    AWESOME! Love that kid!

  2. David Rae

    He’s learned the key secret to style in 2010. Suit jackets mixed with casual clothes are what attract the ladies. I like the fact that he is experimenting the suit jacket with shorts. It’s a little bit too eastern European for me, but I’m sure he’ll figure it out. Although I will admit it’s that I am a little concerned that I share the same taste is clothing choices as a four year old.

  3. Jordan

    I salute you, Rhys. You are the hippest 4-year-old I know.

  4. and he’s been in love with her for such a long time now. go rhys. maybe you should let them go on a date or something. aw! for ice cream. a nice little chaperoned date. do it! take pictures!

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