The world is getting smaller.

The world is getting smaller. For me at least. In 6 days James and I will be taking up residence in Haut Limbe, Haiti. It’s amazing to me that with a short plane ride (sometimes not-so-short) you can be in a totally different country around totally different people. They look different, they sound different, they eat different but in actuality, underneath-it-all, they’re just the same as us. They like gardening, baking, learning, making new friends, playing with niece’s and nephew’s just as much as we do. I bring this up because (I’m totally geeking-out here) I just got my first letter from my new pen pal!

I was so excited to see an attractively crinkled brown package sitting in my mail box this afternoon. I flipped it over and studied the mailing address and Michael Jackson postage stamps. Uganda! It had been a while since I sent my letter introducing myself to my pen pal and to be honest, I had occasionally forgotten about the whole ordeal. But I was certain she would write back sooner or later and my patience paid-off. She sent along a beautiful piece of batik artwork made by her brother! So special. There’s nothing better than getting something in the mail, especially from a friend.

*On a totally unrelated note, did any of you hear about how the 8.8 magnitude earthquake shortened our day? It jolted the earth a bit closer to the sun and thus made the earth spin a bit faster, shortening our day a quarter of a millisecond (or something crazy like that). Apparently they can’t even scientifically prove it because it’s so minute.


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  1. mom

    Where is a picture of your new gift? I want to see it

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