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Knight Rhys.

When my little boy says a prayer at the dinner table thanking the good Lord that his name is now Knight Rhys, it makes me happy.

(Also when he calls his nana on the phone and then proceeds to get mad at her for not calling him by his new name, furrowed brow and all.)



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Just call me James.

I LOVE organizing…it makes me so happy. I definitely don’t do it often enough and having toddlers in the house makes it very difficult to achieve a state of order in the home…but I think I may have gone a bit overboard on this last one. I sorted all of the kids toys this morning (a weekly event at our house) and I just didn’t stop! I kept going! My OCPD husband will be so happy with me 🙂 Usually when I ask James to help me clean up I’ll find him, 15 minutes later, sitting and alphabetizing our DVD’s. I don’t want my DVD’s going from A – Z, I want my floor swept!  I’ve never really understood him until now.

I’m so happy that I was able to help make the world a better place today.


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A bit of Erskine life.

*na’vi vs. jouster…who will win!??!*

*throwing some pennies and makin’ some wishes*

*is there anything more cute and delicious than a mini heart cookie filled with butter cream and strawberry jam?*

*beautiful winter days spent playing in the snow*

*first time at Festival Du Voyageur, loved it*

*rhys said that he was dreaming about being an indian last night…*

And for my first addition to Blunderview’s posts all about  Happy, I’m gonna go with friends sharing poutine. That makes me pretty happy 🙂


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Day Thirty!

To conclude my 30 Day Art Love project I’ve decided to go with something slightly more ridiculous than the rest.

I call this

“Honey, we need to talk”


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Day Twenty-Nine.

“…is all you need.”

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Day Twenty-eight.

“My fridge is where I keep my food”

*So, yesterday was the first day I felt totally uninspired to paint. I thought about a few different things and nothing seemed like a good idea. I was feeling a bit blah yesterday and just-so-happened to space-out right in front of my fridge…and then it struck me, “I should paint my fridge!” So I did. And there it is.*

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Day Twenty-seven.


*i call this ‘amazing’ because i printed one off for Amelia to do yesterday morning and she took one look at it and said, “Oh, that’s amazing mom!” it was pretty cute. james has been working like crazy lately and i haven’t been able to spend tons of time with him these days…(insert sad face) so i decided to make a maze for him to do when he got home one night. it was the first maze that i’ve ever made and it was TONS of fun. i was slightly cross-eyed by the end of it, but what’s love without a bit of sacrifice? feel free to print it off and navigate your way to the little heart…or better yet, print one off and give it to a valentine! enjoy.*

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