10 Days.

10 more days until James and I trek off to a warmer climate and a completely different culture. I’m still excited and I’m still nervous. I feel like I’m very much in preparation mode. There’s lot’s to do; clean the house for my friend who will be staying here, stock the fridge, freezer and cupboards, pack everything up for the kids, buy supplies for our trip, get the rest of my shots, , pack everything for James and myself…the list goes on. Fluttering in between all of the lists in my mind are thoughts about preparing my heart. This is one area I struggle with. How does one prepare for a trip like this? It’s like parenting, as much as you want to prepare and ready yourself for the journey you don’t really have any idea what it will be like until you, yourself, are a parent. It’s hard because I want to be prepared. I want to know what it will be like before I get there. What will I see? What will I taste? What will I smell? But it just doesn’t work like that.

I guess my prayer for this week is that I will be able to be flexible to the things we encounter, that I will open my eyes and my heart to different experiences, and that during our short stay in Haiti I will be able to learn from the people there.


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  1. ruth

    sooo excited for you guys! wow….dive in sista. can’t wait to hear all about it.

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